Advanced Add-on Solutions

Advanced Solutions

While CostFlex was founded in 1989 to provide the installation and support of a new type of cost accounting system that was designed specifically for unique business of healthcare, over the past 30 years CostFlex has added and released additional decision support software modules/solutions to support the ever-changing needs of providers.

While the list of supplemental solutions is extensive, a summary list would include:

• SQL Decision Support Warehouse & Multi-Entity Reporting/Benchmarking
• 835/837 Electronic Remittance Analysis and Reporting
• Charge Auditing & Department Manager Reporting
• Pathways Analysis
• Medicare DRG/APC Modeling & Reimbursement Performance Reporting
• Web-based Executive Dashboard Reporting
• Flexible Expense Budgeting
• Interface Engines for Popular Third-Party Benchmarking/Analysis Software
• More…

The great news is that CostFlex is a modular designed suite of products where a client can add to their decision support toolbox slowly over the years as new management initiatives and general data needs arise.