Total Cost Accounting
Accurately calculate the cost and profit & loss for every patient. Report performance by any demographic in your system; insurance company, payor, physician, DRG, patient type and more!

Procedure Level Cost Accounting
Patient Level Cost Accounting
Product and Service Line Reporting
SQL Decision Support Warehouse



Revenue Cycle
Project the amount due to your hospital from any payer contract (actual or proposed). Quantify your charge errors, short pays and see the financial impact of your denials.

Payer Contract Automation
Denial Analysis & Reporting
Pre-Billing Charge Auditing
Short Pay Analysis



Other Software & Services
From your CostFlex SQL warehouse you can present powerful dashboards to the C level suite, and get a handle on your clinics, hospital, and health system data.

Web Based Exec Dashboards
SQL Data Storage & Reporting
Dept. Performance Monitor
Flexible Budgeting
Pathway Analysis
DSS Consulting