Installations for the Total Cost Accounting System, like all CostFlex products, are performed turnkey. What this means is that all aspects of the installation process are performed by CostFlex Staff and a fully operational product, to include training, is turned over to the client. The whole process, from the first day of pre-install work to the last day of onsite work/training, is completed turnkey in less than eight weeks

The major steps of the installation process include:

  • Pre-installation

  • Onsite cost model creation

  • Staff training

Pre-installation work begins with the transfer of download files to CostFlex from the client for interface programming. After the download file interfacing is complete, a department manager interview schedule is created for the upcoming onsite cost accounting work. Pre-install begins a minimum of four weeks before the first day onsite at the client site. Onsite cost model creation consists of department manager interviews, support department step-down mapping, collecting statistics, and much more.

The client’s staff training begins with the first day onsite. The client’s cost coordinator(s) is/are asked to attend department meetings, take part in statistical collections, step-down decisions, and more. This hands-on training method has been proven successful with client hospitals for three decades now. The additional onsite work will include hands-on training for ongoing system maintenance, effective use of the system reports, and extensive auditing of the cost accounting data.