Designed for ALL HEALTHCARE PROVIDER TYPES, CostFlex Systems, Inc. has a 30 plus years track record of providing the very best in Cost Accounting, Decision Support & Payer Contract Management software for our clients.

There is not a more proven, accurate or powerful tool available in the market that offers a standard 8-week turnkey installation, complete with staff training, and requires less than 1/4 FTE for ongoing product maintenance.

Healthcare finance is actively analyzing 2020 impact through new reporting channels

Without exception, we are all in this financially uncertain time together. CostFlex Systems has applied our available resources to create adaptive reporting to help all healthcare providers sort things out. With 100% of US hospitals and clinics moving to ‘survival mode’ for 2020, the new reporting to analyze and combat financial losses has quickly become a necessary focus for decision support professionals on the front lines. Reimbursement has literally disappeared with patient censuses hitting all time lows and the real costs of keeping the doors open and staff on payroll have brightly entered the spotlight.

Listed and generally described are two of the most popular new releases CostFlex hospitals are already utilizing:

1. Period to Period Comparison Reporting – cost and utilization data is being actively captured and aligned with previous year data to accurately analyze the delta change in cost, reimbursement, and performance. CostFlex Staff are working full time through remote connections to assist hospitals with the needed data flows and training the finance professionals on the actual User Interface options available.

2. Cost Based Benchmarking with Other Hospitals – hospital data is being masked for privacy and loaded (with CostFlex Staff remote assistance) into a SQL database containing many other hospitals around the country to provide side-by-side cost- based comparisons of all standard products. This reporting is delivered through a web based client portal and is a truly powerful tool! To read more about the Benchmarking tool, click here.

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