CostFlex makes sure our clients can always work from the latest knowledge by offering continuing education for healthcare accounting professionals and administrators. We hold webinars and user meetings to inform clients about new CostFlex product enhancements, healthcare performance data trends, successful financial optimization strategies, and laws that affect hospital cost accounting. Our different online resources for continuing education in healthcare accounting are designed help keep your organization ahead of the curve.

The healthcare landscape is constantly changing, especially in the United States, which means hospital performance data trends and financial best practices are prone to changing frequently as well. Just when you think you’ve mastered an area interest, a new law, pattern, or piece of technology emerges, compelling you to learn more. There’s a lot of information to keep up with if you want your healthcare organization’s staff knowledge base to continually stay in the best position at all times.


CostFlex Software Enhancements

CostFlex is constantly releasing enhancements for our Total Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management software suites based on our clients’ requests for greater functionality. As part of our continuing education services for healthcarefinance and management professionals, we’ll make sure you’re up to speed on every quarterly product enhancement as it’s released. You’ll be able to learn about the improved functionality each enhancement provides and how it supplements or integrates with the software’s existing features.

Healthcare Performance
Data Trends

For your organization to stay competitive, you need to follow healthcare performance trends closely and learn how your organization can capitalize on them. CostFlex hosts regular user meetings and finance webinars that explain new patterns in hospital costing data and how CostFlex’s software solutions are designed to address them. Studying healthcare financial trends and adjusting your performance strategies accordingly is critical to maintaining consistent fiscal health.

Client Success Stories

Since CostFlex product enhancements are driven by feedback from participating healthcare organizations, it’s clear we learn a lot from our clients. We want them to learn from each other as well. Some of our continuing education efforts include inviting healthcare finance professionals to speak with their peers about how they’ve used CostFlex decision support software to improve their organization’s performance. You may pick up invaluable strategies for driving profitability from comparable hospitals and clinics in our ever-growing client network.

Changes to Healthcare Laws

Any hospital administrator knows the body of laws affecting healthcare cost accounting and finance practices never stays the same for long. We have seen an acceleration of healthcare law changes in recent years. Keep up with changes to the government’s healthcare accounting regulations with the continuing education resources provided by CostFlex so you can remain in compliance and running smoothly.


CostFlex is committed to arming our clients with all the tools and knowledge they need for their organization to maintain maximum performance. To make sure your healthcare cost accounting and financial decision support team never misses an online continuing education resource, sign up for our monthly newsletter—we’ll announce upcoming webinars and user meetings on a variety of topics.

Not a CostFlex client yet? Purchasing a user license for our Total Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management software will grant you access to our continuing education services for free. Contact us if you have any questions about our continuing education services or our healthcare decision support software, contact us anytime.