Errors in a patient’s medical bills can cost a healthcare organization a lot more than just money. They take time to resolve, damage the hospital’s reputation, and affect your cost accounting accuracy (incorrect overhead allocations, etc.). However, sometimes, it gets your organization into trouble with payers and the government. To safeguard against errors in medical billing and give your administrators extra peace of mind, it’s wise to use quality charge auditing software.

CostFlex’s Pre-Billing Charge Error Auditor software offers hospitals the best charge audit capabilities in the industry. You’ll be able to identify and correct billing errors before the patient bills drop (during the suspense period). Also, with our support teams at your disposal, you’ll never have to worry about a mistake slipping through the cracks due to performance issues, poor audit language syntax, or out-of-date technology. Learn more about why our Pre-Billing Charge Error Auditor software is an excellent defense against charging and compliance issues.


Medical charge auditing software reviews and audits all discharged patients for charge correctness before their bills are posted. This gives healthcare organizations ample time to correct errors in a patient’s charge data before being delivered to payers for review and reimbursement. Using reliable software for a preliminary charge error audit ensures accurate charging at the time of billing. It also helps hospitals stay in full legal compliance in cases where charging and billing mistakes can be problematic.


Many organizations, besides hospitals, use pre-bill audit software, but generic solutions are unlikely to be suited to all of the intricacies of a medical patient charge audit. Our Pre-Billing Charge Error Auditor is specifically designed to perform medical charge audits. It also integrates with our Cost Accounting solution to ensure the highest accuracy in charging. This, in turn, results in greater accuracy for the overall cost data calculated for your hospital on a monthly basis.

Charge capture auditing needs to be done continuously so every discharged patient’s bills are accounted for. Our Pre-Billing Charge Error Auditor operates daily while your hospital’s patients are in suspense (before their bills are dropped for payer reimbursement). This ensures no individual patient’s charging data slips by without review. Despite how frequently our medical billing audit tool runs, it requires minimal attention from personnel to operate after initial setup. This eliminates the need for high-maintenance staffing requirements. Adding additional audits on an ongoing basis is straightforward through a very user-friendly interface. Assistance is always just a telephone call away.


The CostFlex team routinely completes turnkey installation for all of our healthcare decision-support software solutions. This includes staff training in eight weeks or less. Your installation will be supervised by a dedicated project manager every step of the way. They’ll keep you updated regarding the software installation’s progress and remain available for any questions you or your personnel have.


We’re proud to give our customers access to the most effective, quick, and communicative support teams in our industry. If you run into any complications with our medical billing audit software, your support request will be handled by a skilled development programmer who has personal experience with the CostFlex Pre-Billing Charge Error Auditor. You’re guaranteed a solution within 48 hours, but it usually doesn’t take nearly that long—we take care of most support calls at the time of receipt.


We’re confident that our Pre-Billing Charge Error Auditor software will help your hospital avoid charging mistakes and the consequences that come with them, but if you aren’t satisfied with our solution for any reason, you may request a full, unconditional warranty up to three months after we complete your installation. If you want to learn more about our medical billing audit tool before purchasing, fill out our product demonstration request form. For all other inquiries, contact us online or by phone.