CostFlex offers temporary or permanent decision support staff services to fill your healthcare administration’s staffing vacancies. External decision support consulting and staffing is available on a short-term basis, or longer if required, for negotiable monthly terms. Let us know how we can assist your organization with its interim hospital cost accounting & DSS staffing needs.

Although the CostFlex Total Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management software suites are designed to be low-maintenance solutions without major staffing requirements, some hospital management and financial accounting personnel are still necessary to use them most effectively. There may come a time when your healthcare organization loses the decision support staff members that manage these tools and reporting, potentially halting your hospital’s progress—unless you contact CostFlex.


There are any number of reasons why a healthcare organization may temporarily lose its decision support staff, such as employee turnover, maternity or medical leave, or difficulty finding good candidates to fill the position. Members of CostFlex’s support team are ready to step in and fill the gap for as long as your hospital or clinic organization requires.

With our interim hospital accounting staff services, you’ll have an expert on hand to operate your Total Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management tools, perform software maintenance, manage reporting, and complete other critical decision support functions. We’ll hand the reins back to your permanent decision support staff when they return.


Reinstallation of Accounting & Decision Support Software

Reinstallation is another hospital accounting staffing service offered by CostFlex. A member of our team will work with your organization to audit cost accounting variables, interpret the costing data, and suggest strategies based on our findings. This service can be used to reignite your Total Cost Accounting experience after a period of inactivity following your initial installation.

Automation of Payer
Contract Terms

If your healthcare organization needs help with revenue cycle management, external decision support staff from CostFlex can assist you with automating payer contracts and underpayment analysis. We’ll put our Contracts Analyzer software in place to analyze all of your payer contract terms efficiently and compare and contrast them with billing information so your hospital can maximize reimbursement. We’ll also help you create reporting to support appeals to short-paid payers to increase reimbursement from those who haven’t completely fulfilled their financial obligations.

Advantages of Temporary Decision Support Staff

The primary advantage of hiring CostFlex professionals on a short- or long-term basis is to eliminate decision support management and hospital finance staffing gaps for your organization. We’ll manage your financial data gathering and reporting for your DSS needs until your permanent employees are in place once again so your hospital doesn’t miss any critical information or fall behind on profitability initiatives.

Trusting CostFlex for temporary or permanent decision support staffing services will save your organization the time and money it might otherwise spend on hiring and training temp workers or transferring employees with other specialties to a department they aren’t familiar with. We are happy to negotiate favorable rates and terms based on each client’s individual staffing needs.

Getting Started with Decision Support Staffing

Our temporary staffing services typically begin after the turnkey installation of your CostFlex software, but you can negotiate to have interim staff members in place during a CostFlex initial installation as well. If you agree to use our healthcare DSS staffing services before the installation project begins, we’ll skip the usual staff training aspect of the process. Your organization may again request our interim staffing services at any time that temporary decision support staff members are needed, regardless of how long you’ve already been using your CostFlex software.


When employee turnover or extended absence leaves your decision support staff short-handed, CostFlex is happy to fill the gaps so you won’t miss a single step on your journey toward maximum profitability. Please contact us to learn more about our professional staffing services. If you’d like more information about our Total Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management software, request a demo at your convenience.