Organizing patients into service lines (groups of similar patients based on attributes like disease categories, procedure codes, etc.) is a critical part of tracking performance and managing cost accounting for a healthcare facility. Service line reporting software for hospitals makes it possible to analyze service line data accurately and efficiently, putting you in the best position to understand your organization’s strengths and areas for improvement.

CostFlex’s healthcare service line management software will help your facility maximize both physician performance and profitability, integrating with our other healthcare decision support solutions to provide the most accurate overall picture of your organization’s standing. Learn more about how our hospital service line software can help with strategy decisions.


Service lines aren’t always the same from one healthcare facility to another. You need a way to form the unique patient groupings that are most relevant to your organization. Hospital service line costing and reporting software gives you the ability to create and report individual, customized service lines interactively by combining any number of available demographics and data points.


Our healthcare service line management software is able to aggregate large volumes of service line data quickly and efficiently. You can create patient groupings, analyze data, and manage reporting through a single easy-to-navigate user interface. Our service line management solution integrates with our Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management software to help you manage each service line’s financial data and ensure maximum reimbursement from each patient group.

Using CostFlex’s service line reporting software for hospitals requires very little hands-on maintenance. You won’t need to hire a sizable staff or dedicate too many labor hours to make the most of this tool and the data it provides. We also update the software each quarter, so you’ll always have the latest features and be able to expect the highest quality of performance.


The sooner your team masters our healthcare service line management software, the sooner you’ll be able to make better decisions and boost your facility’s profitability. We’ll get you there as fast as possible—CostFlex routinely completes turnkey software installations in eight weeks or less, adding the tool to your systems and completing all staff training in the same time frame.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager before your turnkey installation project begins. They’ll make sure the entire process goes smoothly and makes steady progress, and they’ll be able to answer any additional questions your or your team have about the software.


No one in the healthcare decision support software industry has better support teams than CostFlex. Unlike typical software providers, whose support representatives tend to be hired externally without firsthand knowledge of their product, CostFlex’s support teams are entirely made up of experienced development programmers who know our solutions back to front. Whatever question you have about our service line management software, you’re guaranteed to get an expert response within 48 hours (although most queries can be handled at the time of receipt).


When you’re ready to take a deeper look at our healthcare service line management software, request a product demonstration. We’ll show you the interface and go into more detail about how our solution will be beneficial to your facility.

Organizations that become CostFlex customers will receive a written satisfaction guarantee entitling them to an unconditional warranty for three full months after a completed turnkey installation. For more questions about our service line management tool or any of our other products, please fill out this contact form. We’ll get back to you with a response promptly.