CostFlex is known for creating the most efficient and accurate healthcare decision support software in the industry, but we aren’t content to simply sell products—we set ourselves apart with our ongoing commitment to our clients as well. In addition to our Total Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management tools, we offer healthcare decision support professional services that either enhance the overall CostFlex software experience and data accuracy or offer alternate healthcare accounting staffing services to hospitals and clinic clients that aren’t staffed to fully utilize our DSS software tools to their fullest.

Get more information about each of the most popular supplementary or substitutional healthcare decision support services our clients can take advantage of.


CaaS (Costing as a Service)®

Not all healthcare organizations can afford decision support software licensing or the internal staff and IT infrastructure it takes to use such tools effectively. CostFlex makes healthcare accounting services available to everyone by offering CaaS (Costing as a Service)® for hospitals and clinic organizations that aren’t able to manage or support the CostFlex Total Cost Accounting software themselves. Our CaaS program includes turnkey installation, system remote hosting, remote staffing, and complete cost accounting model maintenance.

All your management is left to do is login and create decision support reporting to maximize your organization’s financial performance.

Turnkey DSS Software Installation/Reinstallation

CostFlex routinely completes initial turnkey installation (or reinstallation) for our Total Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management software suites for clients in eight weeks or less. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your organization to oversee the software setup and complete staff training, delivering a fully operational product quickly for an unbeatable cost.

Where an organization requires a reinstallation of existing CostFlex Total Cost Accounting System (or any other competing healthcare cost accounting system previously implemented), CostFlex can complete a full reinstall and update of cost accounting direct variable in just weeks – turnkey – at a fixed professional rate that cannot be beat!

Temporary & Permanent DSS Staffing

When client organizations are missing internal financial decision support professionals due to extended leave, employee turnover, or a lengthy candidate search, CostFlex can provide interim staff members to manage their systems temporarily. In addition to our temporary staffing services, CostFlex also offers professional services to include reinstalling hospital cost accounting software, payer underpayment analysis, and assisting with the automation of payer contracts.

Continuing Education

We keep our clients apprised of the latest information about the healthcare financial landscape and updates to CostFlex software so they’ll always be in the best position to improve their organization’s performance. We regularly offer webinars and user meetings about a variety of topics, including CostFlex software enhancements, healthcare performance data trends, client success stories, and changes to healthcare laws.

Onsite training, lunch-and-learn meetings, and many other continuing education opportunities are readily available from CostFlex for your team as needed.


Ready to see firsthand how our our hospital accounting professional support services can help your healthcare organization? Please contact us to discuss our professional service offerings or schedule a product demonstration.

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