Hospitals don’t keep information such as patient discharges and other records simply to account for services they’ve performed in the past. This data can be an invaluable asset for improving a hospital’s future performance—provided that it’s stored and analyzed properly. Implementing a healthcare big data analytics platform can help hospitals identify more efficient ways of doing business and make better financial decisions to achieve and maintain profitability.

CostFlex offers hospitals the best healthcare analytics software available today. With our Total Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management software suites, our clients have everything they need to manage large volumes of data and simplify reporting. Our data analytics solutions are designed for healthcare specifically, giving you more power to navigate the intricacies of your business. Learn more about how CostFlex healthcare financial analytics software can provide the resources you need to optimize your hospital’s performance.

CostFlex Cost Accounting Analytics Dashboard


Big data analytics is essential for healthcare organizations’ understanding of how their numerous service lines are performing relative to each other (or to those of other hospitals) and how they can begin reducing costs, but analyzing and reporting this data manually would be impossible for even a massive team. Storing and analyzing data is especially challenging for large multi-entity healthcare systems that must contend with years of data from each of the facilities in their organization.


  • Multi-Sort/Multi-Entity SQL Reporting: Powerful SQL reporting is included in the CostFlex Total Cost Accounting healthcare analytics platform. Clients can pull user-defined reports from the data warehouse on demand using multilevel sorted drop-down menus.
  • Web-Based Executive Dashboards: With the support of our clients, CostFlex has established a unified database design across our entire client network, allowing us to outfit our Executive Dashboard Reporting tool with a host of predefined dashboards that are available upon installation. New users can create and store unlimited drillable dashboard views and visualize additional “non-CostFlex” data without needing to purchase other software licenses.
  • Customized Business Intelligence: CostFlex performs a variety of services to make uncovering insights from healthcare data analytics easier and more accessible. For example, we’ll build customized analytics to meet your organization’s individual needs and include our cost-based hospital benchmarking to help you compare your facility’s performance to other hospitals.


The CostFlex team routinely completes turnkey installation for all of our healthcare decision support software solutions, including staff training, in eight weeks or less. Your installation will be supervised by a dedicated project manager every step of the way. They’ll keep you updated regarding the software installation’s progress and remain available to answer any questions you or your personnel have.


We’re proud to give our customers access to the most effective, quick, and communicative support teams in our industry. If you run into any complications with our medical billing audit software, your support request will be handled by a skilled development programmer who has personal experience with the CostFlex Pre-Billing Charge Error Auditor. You’re guaranteed a solution within 48 hours, but it usually doesn’t take nearly that long—we take care of most support calls at the time of receipt.



The second you’re ready to get started with big data analytics, CostFlex will be ready too. We routinely complete turnkey installations for all of our healthcare analytics solutions 100% remotely with staff training included. After installation is complete, you’ll have access to ongoing assistance from our unparalleled customer support teams.

If you want to see our healthcare analytics platform in action before committing to an installation, schedule a demo at your convenience. Please contact us if you have any other questions about CostFlex and our decision support software products.