Even small healthcare facilities can have significant needs in revenue cycle management. Managing and analyzing all of this by hand would take a whole team countless hours of labor. Also, it probably wouldn’t produce the most accurate results. Hospital revenue cycle management software is essential for ensuring reimbursement and tracking payer performance. These are two elements no profitable healthcare organization can do without.

CostFlex’s hospital revenue cycle management software will benefit organizations of any size. Our projected payer reimbursement and cost accounting software work hand in hand to deliver the most accurate financial data efficiently, helping you manage your budget, identify areas for improvement, and receive due compensation. Learn why our healthcare revenue cycle management and analysis software is the best option.



Healthcare revenue cycle management software automates the process for all payers.  Automation provides an efficient way for healthcare providers to manage numerous contracts and accurately project payer reimbursement. The software analyzes each payer’s contract terms and payment performance, storing 100% of the information in one automated system. By automatically checking the payment remits against the contract terms for accuracy, our healthcare payer system ensures that facilities receive proper reimbursement in a timely fashion, which helps their financial auditors maximize revenue.


Our software automates, analyzes, and reports all payer information in a single, easy-to-use interface. Because of its convenient integration with our Cost Accounting and other Revenue Cycle Management tools, you can analyze all the data you need to make the most profitable healthcare decisions for your organization. For example, your facility can demonstrate “break even” data to each payer and negotiate profitable reimbursement terms from there.

We designed CostFlex’s hospital revenue cycle management software to be used by minimal staff. The software does most of the work, so your personnel won’t need to dedicate much time to its operation.


Payer Contract Analyzer

Automates the detailed reimbursement terms for numerous payer contracts and stores the data within a single interface. The software will automate 100% of all payer contracts (including the government). It also allows for an unlimited amount of “what if” scenarios to fine-tune contract negotiations for all services.

Pre-Billing Charge Error Auditor

Reviews and audits discharged patients for charge correctness before bills are posted, allowing hospitals to correct errors while the patients are still in bill suspense and before the client submits the 837 for payment.


CostFlex will handle every step of the installation process for your healthcare revenue cycle management software from start to finish. This includes training your team on how to use our tools. We regularly complete installations within eight weeks or less. Our installation is a fast, smooth transition that will help you immediately make better decisions for your facility. You will be assigned to a dedicated project manager during your installation to answer all your questions and ensure the project moves along steadily.


Nothing’s worse than having your tech support calls answered by a rep fumbling through a script. The support team at CostFlex is the best in the business. All of our representatives are experienced development programmers with firsthand knowledge of our healthcare payer contract management systems, and there’s no question they can’t answer. We pride ourselves on having the best customer support experience amongst all healthcare revenue cycle management solution companies.

We guarantee a response to all queries within 48 hours. However, we can resolve most support calls when we receive them. Our commitment to clear communication and prompt responses is one of the things our team is most proud of.


If you’re interested in our healthcare revenue cycle management solutions, we suggest you schedule a demo to explore our system’s features and functionality. Every client who purchases our software receives a written unconditional satisfaction guarantee, including a warranty for three months after we complete your turnkey installation.

For questions about CostFlex, our revenue cycle management software suite, or any of our other software’s features, please get in touch with us at your convenience. We look forward to helping your facility become more efficient and more profitable.