Successful healthcare organizations commonly rely on data-driven reports to understand their financial health and identify areas for improvement that will help them increase their profitability. Storing and analyzing large volumes of information over time requires flexible, powerful data warehousing software for hospitals that can provide a flexible data warehouse and have the ability to routinely send reports out to stakeholders in the form of data-driven subscriptions.

CostFlex’s SQL Enterprise DSS Warehouse and Reporting software is specifically designed for healthcare financial management use of an enterprise data warehouse. Your organization can use our decision support data warehouse product to uncover data-driven solutions for budgeting, cost accounting, revenue cycle management, and provider performance issues. Here’s more information about the benefits of data warehousing software for hospitals.


An SQL enterprise DSS warehouse program is industry-specific software used to gather, analyze, store, and report decision support system (DSS) data that can help an organization make more informed decisions to improve its performance and profitability. Structured query language (SQL) is the domain-specific programming language used to manage the data—most SQLs are unique to an individual piece of software. All of the information used in an organization’s data-driven reports is stored in what’s called the enterprise data warehouse, which contains repositories of current and historical data.


Other industries depend on data warehouse products and data-driven reports and solutions too, but it’s inadvisable to choose software that isn’t tailored to your specific field. The CostFlex data warehousing software for hospitals solution was made for clinical use of an enterprise data warehouse in particular. It integrates seamlessly with our Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management software suites, analyzing and storing your organization’s data from numerous sources within a single, easy-to-navigate interface.

Our SQL Enterprise DSS Warehouse and Reporting tool makes it simple to export data to any presentation software so administrators can discuss your hospital’s financials in meetings. This data warehousing software for hospitals also has lower staffing requirements than any comparable software on the market, so you won’t need to devote costly labor hours to its operation.


When you purchase the CostFlex software suite, and the included SQL Enterprise DSS Warehouse and Reporting solution, your organization will be assigned a dedicated project manager to guide all aspects of the installation. They’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have throughout the installation process, and they’ll conduct staff training as well. We routinely complete turnkey installations for our clients in eight weeks or less.


With CostFlex, you’ll never have to worry about your support request being handled by someone just flipping through a manual for an answer. Every member of our support teams is an experienced development programmer with in-depth knowledge of our healthcare data warehouse product. We guarantee a response within 48 hours of receiving your request, but most support issues can be resolved at the time of receipt.


Our SQL Enterprise DSS Warehouse and Reporting software is the most efficient and accurate way to store, analyze, and report your healthcare organization’s critical performance data so you can use data-driven solutions to improve your business. If you’d like to try using our software before making a purchasing decision, please schedule a demo. You may contact us with any other questions at your convenience.