Whether your organization is installing our industry-leading CostFlex Total Cost Accounting Suite for the first time, reinstalling your CostFlex Procedure-Level Costing module for an internal reason, or requesting the reinstallation and audit of a non-CostFlex cost accounting product, CostFlex provides this service in a fixed amount of time and at a fixed cost that cannot be beat by any other professional cost accounting company on the market today!

Getting the project done quickly and accurately is a noteworthy service. Healthcare organizations that utilize effective decision support software systems receive valuable insights that can drive positive change almost immediately—as long as their software is ready for action when they are. The longer it takes your IT and financial administration personnel to figure out how to set up and operate your tools, like a new accounting software installation, the further behind your organization will be on the journey to maximum profitability.

We want CostFlex clients, as well as clients utilizing the CostFlex reinstallation services, to make the most of their DSS systems right away. That’s why we’re committed to performing turnkey installations for our hospital cost accounting software (and revenue cycle management solutions) for every new client. Our team will complete the entire setup process and staff training for your organization in eight weeks or less. Take a closer look at everything involved in our turnkey decision support software installation process.


“Turnkey installation” means CostFlex professional DSS staff will complete every aspect of the decision support system installation process for your organization, delivering a fully operational product by the end—all you’ll have to do is “turn the key,” metaphorically, to start using our software to its fullest potential. You’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager that will organize and direct your installation project and keep it moving on schedule. The whole CostFlex software installation process, including staff training, takes less than eight weeks to complete from beginning to end.

CostFlex has routinely proved our ability to perform these installations accurately and professionally for over three decades now, so you can be assured of a successful project with our team of professionals at the wheel.


The first phase of our hospital cost accounting software installation process is entirely remote, beginning a minimum of four weeks before we perform any onsite work. Your organization will send us all the relevant files necessary for us to complete interfacing programming. We’ll also create the interview schedule for your organization’s department managers, to be conducted during the next phase.

Onsite Cost Model Creation

Once pre-installation is complete, our team will visit your location to perform the onsite processes. We’ll hold interviews with your healthcare organization’s department managers to collect the statistics and other relevant financial data necessary to create an individualized cost model. During this phase, we’ll also go over step-down mapping with your support department.

Staff Training

CostFlex’s turnkey software installation process includes staff training, which begins on our first day at your site. Your dedicated project manager along with other assigned CostFlex team members will train your staff on how to perform ongoing maintenance for your software, use system reports effectively, audit costing data, and other tasks related to operating our decision support software suites. We’ll ask your financial administrators to attend department meetings and to collect statistical information etc. that will be helpful to our training and installation efforts as well.


Turnkey installation is available for all CostFlex products in our Total Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management software suites. We also perform a shorter turnkey installation process for our CaaS (Costing as a Service)® that can be completed in just over a month in many cases.

If you have any questions about our revenue cycle management and hospital cost accounting software installation methods, please contact us at your convenience. If you’d like to learn more about how our software can benefit your organization once installation is complete, schedule a product demonstration with one of our experts today!