CostFlex is the premier provider of cost accounting and decision support software designed specifically for healthcare. With over 30 years in business, the CostFlex team is comprised of experts in the industry. Review resources from our team below and for a brief overview of CostFlex download our company overview.


The Recipe For Maximum Profitability: Combining Payer Contract Managements Systems & Patient-Level Cost Data

Seamlessly integrating revenue cycle and cost accounting software data can deliver a heightened level of financial reporting to truly unlock the mysteries of your currently unmanaged reimbursement performances. Get more information about how to optimize payer contract management with patient level cost data.

Hospital Cost Accounting As A Service

CostFlex's costing as a service is a new professional service offering, allowing your organization to have the ability to quickly and accurately report any and all of your offered service lines. The CostFlex Costing as a Service solution was released to the market during the first quarter of 2021.


Whitepapers written by CostFlex Staff/Clients that are also published on LinkedIn.

Compiling Comprehensive Healthcare Pricing Data

The Transparency of Pricing law, or “Hospital Price Transparency,” has been in effect since January 1st, 2021 in the United States, requiring hospitals and other healthcare facilities to go public with their standard charges for 300 shoppable services. Learn more about how to remain compliant with the law and maintain a favorable reputation with consumers

Price Transparency - As Easy As 1,2,3

As with anything like this, countless vendors are plying the hospitals with “solutions” to this challenge—often with hefty price tags. Our clients have asked if we have created a solution to handle this for them, and the answer is we didn’t have to create anything new. Our clients can use the existing software to accomplish the classification of the data. However, we are working on the final stages of the presentation layer for them.

Tales from the Road - 340b Drugs

In many ways, cost accounting is very straight forward - - except when it is not! One issue that we run into when implementing a cost system for a hospital's Decision Support System is dealing with 340B drugs.

Where Have all of the Hospitals Gone?

A common topic we discuss at our staff meetings are healthcare trends that we are seeing in the US and our client base. One trend that most people outside of our industry are not aware of is the issue of hospitals going out of business and shutting their doors.

Cost Reimbursement Computations for CAH Hospitals

One of the challenges for a critical access hospital is determining the actual reimbursement that will eventually be paid on Medicare and other cost-reimbursed accounts.  In the case of North Valley Hospital in Whitefish Montana, Medicare and Medicaid are both cost-reimbursed and comprise half of the Hospital’s total revenues.


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