The CostFlex Total Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management software suites are the most accurate, efficient, and cost-effective supplemental hospital decision support tools in the healthcare industry, and they are considered a complete solution for healthcare financial decision support software. For those organizations that have reporting needs outside the understood DSS basics, CostFlex has created a set of supplemental software tools to bridge the gaps.

Our supplemental hospital decision support tools are provided with our primary software suites to create an extended decision support software solution that is tailored to meet the specific needs of unique healthcare organizations. You’ll have everything you need to plan your budget more effectively, analyze and report critical data, and compare your organization’s performance to competitors in your market, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and form actionable plans for increasing profitability.



Web-Based Executive Dashboards

Automates the analysis of numerous data points from the Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management suites, organizing the big picture findings into easily readable graphics. As an added bonus, any database that the client organization uses can be visualized and trended without the need for additional software licenses.

Flexible Budgeting

Allows healthcare organizations to account for variables that affect profits and losses and adjust budgets as needed throughout the fiscal year.

Cost-Based Hospital Benchmarking

Compares your hospital’s performance metrics to those of similar organizations, spotlighting areas for improvement and assisting with marketing efforts. All participating hospitals will be given a unique number to keep their organization’s data confidential while enjoying literally millions of live data points to compare their services against.


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