Even with the best healthcare decision support tools on the market, it’s difficult for a hospital to create a fixed budget that will satisfy all of its needs in a given year using only historical data. Healthcare organizations must be able to account for variables that affect their profits and losses and adjust their budgets to reality as needed as their fiscal year goes on. Our software provides for flexible budgeting in healthcare, helping hospital administrators that utilize flex budgets have a much easier time adapting to unpredictable changes and assist them with ending every year in the black.

CostFlex’s Flexible Budgeting system for hospitals is as powerful as it is easy to use. Our Flexible Budgeting tool was designed with the busy healthcare executive in mind, offering a solution for many of the financial challenges that are unique to medicine and hospital administration. See why CostFlex software is the flexible budget system many hospitals prefer.


Flex budgeting software helps hospitals stay on top of changing budgetary needs by automating the budgeting processes that would otherwise have to be done manually, which takes more time and leaves more room for human error. It provides an efficient way for healthcare organizations to adjust their budgets throughout the year based on the realities that occur on an ongoing basis instead of trying to determine a sufficient static budget once annually.

Patient volume is the primary factor driving the need for flexible budgeting in healthcare. Each individual patient has an impact on a hospital’s gross and net revenues and variable expenses, and no facility can predict exactly how many patients it will see during the year. A well-designed flexible budget system allows hospitals to budget efficiently without assuming a fixed volume of patients.


Many industries use flexible budgeting methodologies to manage their finances, but a software solution that works well in one space may not be right for another. With CostFlex, hospitals get flex budgeting software tailored to the individual client’s needs for running a profitable healthcare organization. Our Flexible Budgeting tool pulls information from back-end CostFlex databases that receive data downloads both daily and monthly, enabling it to deliver higher levels of accuracy than manual budgeting processes have been able to historically. The flexible budget system also accepts your hospital’s monthly financials automatically and has the ability to share budget data with or receive needed data from our Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management software.

Manual budgeting not only produces less accurate results but also requires a larger staff. CostFlex’s Flexible Budgeting software is a low-maintenance solution that runs with minimal attention from personnel, helping your organization save money on labor costs while producing much higher levels of data accuracy.


Your budgetary needs could change at any moment, so you can’t waste valuable time adopting technology that will not fulfill your needs. The CostFlex team will get you up to speed fast by completing turnkey installation for your Flexible Budgeting solution in eight weeks or less. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to you to guide the installation process, complete staff training, and answer all your questions.


We pride ourselves on maintaining the most efficient and reliable customer support services in our industry. Every member of our support staff is an experienced development programmer with extensive knowledge of our Flexible Budgeting tool and all of our other healthcare decision support software products, so you know your support questions are going to the people best qualified to answer them.

We’re committed to delivering resolutions within 48 hours at the most, but the majority of our clients’ support issues can be resolved when we receive the call. It’s our dedication to timely responses and clear communication, as much as our software solutions, that makes us a leader in our field.


If you’d like to learn more about our hospital-specific flexible budgeting system before committing to an order, request a product demonstration so we can walk you through its capabilities and features. If you aren’t satisfied with our solution after purchasing, you may receive a full, unconditional refund for up to three months after your completed installation. Please contact us at your convenience with any questions.