hospital decision software support

We owe our 30+ years of success in the healthcare decision support industry to more than just our quality software products—we also pride ourselves on offering our clients unparalleled support services. CostFlex is committed to building relationships with healthcare organizations that last far beyond their turnkey software installation. Our excellent support staff will be readily available to assist you with any issues, great or small.

We’ve worked diligently to build a knowledgeable, attentive support team that can resolve any problem in record time. Learn more about why our support services have maintained a five-star rating from our clients over the last three decades.


CostFlex is not the kind of company to pass its support requests along to a third-party call center on another continent. When you contact us for assistance, your request will go directly to an experienced development programmer with firsthand knowledge of our decision support software products. Who better to answer questions about our solutions than the same people who designed and tested them?

Whether you’re having an issue with one of our Total Cost Accounting products, our Revenue Cycle Management products, a supplemental decision support feature, or one of our professional services, we can connect you with an expert who will find the best solution quickly. We have complete faith in every team member’s ability to take care of our clients.


Going any amount of time without being able to access your critical cost accounting data, revenue cycle management data, or general decision support reporting could have negative consequences for your healthcare facility, so we’ve made sure our support team is capable of solving a wide variety of problems quickly and effectively the first time around. Most support issues can be resolved at the time of contact—chances are very high that you’ll have a reliable answer to your question before you get off the phone.

Although we occasionally need extra time to solve more complicated problems, we’re still committed to a quick turnaround. We guarantee a response within 48 hours and most times our support professionals can handle your requests at that very moment you make contact! You can be assured that your organization will never have to go long periods of time without a fully functional decision support system.


Are you experiencing problems with a CostFlex product, or do you have any questions about how to use our solutions most effectively? Call us or fill out our online contact form with some details about your request—one of our highly trained support professionals will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Thank you for trusting CostFlex to manage all of your organization’s decision support needs.