There is no shortage of cost accounting and revenue management data that will help a hospital improve its financial performance, but there’s little point in gathering all this information if you don’t have the means to understand it. Individual healthcare decision support software tools are great for compiling and analyzing data in specific areas, but to see the big picture everything adds up to, you need healthcare decision support dashboards that are both flexible and powerful.

Using CostFlex Web-Based Executive Dashboards is the best way to translate your healthcare organization’s myriad data into clear and actionable findings. Our web-based dashboard software integrates with our Total Cost Accounting software suite and Revenue Cycle Management software suite to automate the analysis of numerous data points and group the overarching themes into easily readable graphics. In addition, dashboard clients have the ability to visualize any popular database (along with the CostFlex databases) without the need to secure additional licenses.

It is important to note that a new dashboard client does not start visualization building from scratch. All dashboards that have been created for existing customers will be included for use by new clients! In our experience, starting with a proven set of reports in place accelerates the process of creating truly tailored visualizations for a new client’s management team.

Learn more about CostFlex’s healthcare dashboard design and how it can help your organization visualize and present critical financial performance data.

CostFlex Cost Accounting Analytics Dashboard


Even the smallest hospitals must contend with large volumes of data from numerous data points, including patient demographics, service lines, zip codes, payer contract terms, and many more. An average healthcare organization might work with about 200 different data points that all have something unique to say about its performance and profitability. A quality management reporting dashboard will automate the analysis of every relevant data point, which saves time and ensures accuracy, and will clarify the big picture findings through graphical representation.

Being able to analyze and visualize health organization information in real time with Web-Based Executive Dashboards allows hospital administrators and financial analysts to understand their service line performance and cost accounting data better and to make more informed business decisions. In addition to visualizing the big picture, hospital performance dashboards provide the opportunity to effortlessly “drill down” into key metrics and identify avenues for improvement in specific areas.


CostFlex’s Executive Dashboards are considered some of the most efficient, flexible, and cost-effective data visualization and presentation tools available. Our Web-Based Executive Dashboards seamlessly integrate with our Revenue Cycle Management and Total Cost Accounting software suites to gather information from sometimes hundreds of health data points for dashboard visualizations, trending, and drill-downs in real time. Any database your organization uses can be visualized and trended with the CostFlex solution—you won’t need to pay for additional software licenses.

Our Executive Dashboard software is easy for the average user to implement and adjust as necessary, so you’ll always be able to tailor it to your organization’s changing needs. Its low-maintenance design requires very little human input, helping your hospital save money on staffing and labor hours.


The CostFlex team is capable of completing installation for your Executive Dashboard solution in less than two weeks (to include many dashboards already used daily by other clients). This is part of the process of installing all of our proprietary decision support software, which we routinely complete in eight weeks or less. Your organization will be assigned a dedicated project manager to keep your installation moving on schedule, complete staff training, and answer questions.


Our level of support for our Web-Based Executive Dashboards software is the best in the industry. Every member of our support staff is an experienced development programmer with in-depth knowledge of our solutions, and they’re able to handle most support calls at the time of receipt. If we need more time with a certain issue, we’re committed to delivering a solution within 48 hours.



To inquire about the CostFlex Web-Based Executive Dashboards solution, please submit your request through our online contact form. If you’d like to review our hospital financial performance dashboard software before committing to an order, schedule a demo. All CostFlex clients are entitled to a full, unconditional warranty for up to three months after their installation is complete if they are not satisfied with our products.