Unlike most businesses that can calculate revenue based on individual point-of-sale transactions or recurring subscriptions, healthcare organizations rely on a more complex downstream revenue model. The definition of “downstream revenue” in healthcare is everything yielded throughout a patient’s entire care cycle, from ambulance rides to inpatient services to the final follow-up office visit. The process of tracking the profits and losses associated with each revenue-generating service in numerous patients’ full treatment histories would be insurmountable without service line costing software.

The CostFlex Service Line Costing software solution helps organizations determine and analyze patient costs with the highest degrees of accuracy and efficiency in the industry. Our tools make service line management and reporting in hospitals convenient and effective, allowing their financial administrators to identify areas of improvement and increase profits. Read on to learn more about what our service line costing software can bring to your organization.


Much of cost allocation in healthcare depends on identifying the cost of each patient service using activity-based procedure-level cost accounting methods. With procedure-level cost accounting software fully burdening costs at the charge code level, hospitals can then use the CostFlex Patient Costing module to roll the cost of services up to the patient level, then group similar patients into custom service lines to track profits and losses in an organized fashion. Examples of service lines in healthcare may differ radically from one organization to another, since they’re based on more individualized and variable data sets than traditional methods of grouping (such as by department). Accurate costing data helps hospitals identify opportunities to make specific service lines more cost-efficient.


Our service line costing software works with the rest of the CostFlex Total Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management product suites to help administrators see the full picture of their organization’s financial health. It integrates with our Procedure-Level Cost Accounting tool to receive accurate data for service line management and customization, as well as our Service Line Analytics Reporting tool so this data can be easily organized and shared throughout the organization.

Every hospital and clinic patient will have their own unique patient super bill in the CostFlex system. A super bill is simply the factual and detailed data of the patient’s visit with the addition of costs. These costs are calculated accurately and fully burdened at the procedure level in the CostFlex system, then rolled up into the patient records to provide patient level cost. CostFlex clients are able to group these patients in the Total Cost Accounting System by any  unique combination of available patient demographics and charges to create custom service line reporting. Reimbursement can be reported as actual cash collected as well as projected reimbursement through the use of the CostFlex Payer Contract Analyzer software.

The Service Line Cost Accounting Solution is designed to tie into the client organization’s monthly financials automatically. It’s also a low-maintenance software that requires little hands-on attention compared with other healthcare decision support software options on the market, so client organizations don’t need a large staff to operate it.


We routinely complete turnkey installations for our Cost Accounting and Revenue Cycle Management products in eight weeks or less. Your organization will be assigned a dedicated project manager that will guide the full patient-level service line costing software installation process from start to finish, including staff training.


With CostFlex as your partner, you’ll have access to the most knowledgeable and dedicated support team in the industry. Every member of our support staff is a development programmer who has firsthand experience with our Patient and Service Line Cost Accounting tool. Most support issues can be resolved at the time of your inquiry, but if a particular issue needs more time, we’re committed to delivering a solution in no more than 48 hours.


CostFlex’s Patient and Service Line Cost Accounting solution will play a vital role in making your healthcare organization a profitable enterprise. To test and familiarize yourself with our software before committing to a purchase, fill out our request form to schedule a demo. If you aren’t satisfied with our tools for any reason, we offer a full, unconditional warranty up to three months after your completed turnkey installation.