WRS Coffee Break Sponsored by CostFlex

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CostFlex is the coffee station sponsor at the 24th Annual HFMA 2023 Western Region Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We hope you enjoy your cup (or cups) of coffee at the Western Region Symposium in Vegas.

For over 33 years, CostFlex has been providing quality, affordable healthcare decision support software.  CostFlex’s flagship products, Activity-Based Cost Accounting Software and Payer Contract Analyzer Software, are tailored to your specific organization, whether your facility is a clinic, critical access, hospital, or health system. In addition, each client experiences fast, friendly software support over the phone, online, and on-site to meet your organization’s needs.


Don’t trust your organization’s financial health to a one-size-fits-all solution. CostFlex’s cost accounting software was designed with healthcare in mind from the very beginning, incorporating client-driven data to create the most effective tools and reporting systems in the medical provider marketplace. Our software uses enhanced activity-based costing methods to give hospitals in our client network the most accurate cost accounting data available.

Our solution is built to tie into your organization’s monthly financials automatically, ready to deliver the most accurate information for your specific institution at the click of a button. We also promise the lowest staffing requirement for product maintenance in the industry, so you won’t have to dedicate valuable man-hours to checking up on your tools. Our healthcare cost accounting software, along with many of our other solutions, is updated to the most current version quarterly at no additional charge for all supported clients—we’re committed to delivering the best possible healthcare decision support products on an ongoing basis.


Managing a profitable organization in healthcare requires strategic financial planning at a level that simply can’t be done at the highest level of effectiveness without advanced technology. Cost accounting, payer contact automation, and decision support software for hospitals are critical to the financial health of every facility operating in the 21st century.

With more than 30 years of experience and client success in our industry, CostFlex Systems, Inc., has become one of today’s leading healthcare finance management and healthcare analytics software companies. Unlike the solutions that are generic to any industry available with every Internet search, our decision support software for hospitals is designed specifically for hospitals and healthcare organizations. As a result after over three decades of refinement, our industry-specific tools are the most efficient and accurate decision support software products available.

We complete turnkey installations for all of our software solutions in eight weeks or less, including staff training. Our clients receive ongoing support from our expert developers from then on, along with regular maintenance and software updates that optimize performance and adapt to changes in the laws and regulations that govern healthcare.


So much of what we are able to accomplish as a vendor comes from the input shared by our great clients. Please read some of their success stories that support the ongoing professionalism of CostFlex Systems, Inc.

"Our region was up and running with accurate cost data in a few short months with CostFlex. The other regions in our organization made million dollar mistakes with a consultant staffed approaches to standard costing that were scrapped after two long/full years of work. I am pleased to endorse the CostFlex product methods."

-— Chief Financial Officer 600 Bed Organization, Midwest Region

"Through the years, I have been a CFO with HCA and similar sized healthcare providers. I have never experienced the type of support I receive constantly from the CostFlex team. As a current CFO and CFO group member with my state’s hospital association, I endorse the tools and company constantly."

-— Chief Financial Officer Critical Access Facility, Western Region

"I appreciate the way the CostFlex team cares for my hospital. Their culture of customer service is first class. I have never worked with an outside vendor that has had such a proactive approach in finding ways to help me meet my hospital’s needs."

-— Chief Financial Officer 100 Bed Organization, Midwest Region


Ready to see firsthand how our cost accounting software can help your hospital or healthcare organization?  All clients who purchase CostFlex software receive an unconditional satisfaction guarantee in writing, and you’ll be entitled to a warranty for three full months after a completed turnkey installation.

If you have questions about CostFlex Systems, Inc., or any of our healthcare decision support products or professional services, feel free to contact us by completing this form OR calling during regular office hours.

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